Your Weekly Handsome Mustache is BACK!

With Orson Welles and the 1946 film, The Stranger. I love me some Orson Welles in this movie: a. because black and white washes away imperfections and makes everyone a tad more handsome; b. mustaches on baby faces always brighten my day; and c. Orson Welles is a Taurus man and Taurus men are like chocolate, cheese and compulsive shopping to this Capricorn lady. Either way you slice it – he’s dicing my salad on this one folks and so is Loretta Young! Girl that is some dewy-on-the-tundra-skin for real:

The Stranger tells the tale of a Nazi war criminal hiding out in the hills of Connecticut where he assumes a new identity as a prep school teacher. Orson and his mustache are hell-bent on anyone finding out who they are and what evil they’ve committed. The movie begins with Orson killing an old German colleague for showing up uninvited into his new life. The movie is a prime example of Film-Noir – and the mustache – like Welles’ directing – is years ahead of his time.

If you have a mustache you think is worth-mention, send me a picture and tell me its tale. I want every handsome mustache that lives on the faces of men and women to have a place of recognition on this blog because Burt Reynolds isn’t the only one with a throw-rug above his lip.

If you have a couple of hours to spare – here’s the entire movie of the Stranger. Enjoy!

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