Handsome Animals!

Believe it or not, even a Lady like me can have a somber day or two – not every day can be shiny, happy and perverted perfect. But that’s okay. We are humans with feelings that ping-pong across the spectrum of emotions. Dag. That’s deep.

Anytime I feeling blue, you know what I like to do? Write shitty poems, you say? No. I turn my frown upside down and look at pictures of handsome animals. After all, let’s keep the handsome train rolling this week. Starting with this guy, The Barry White of all Felines. He’ll make you feel alright on a Friday night:

This one’s a little cautious with love at first. That’s because he’s a tough but sensitive fellow who sometimes makes yellow snow:

This one just came back from a Hair Club for Men appointment where they told him that just because he’s called Bald doesn’t mean he is. In fact the hair on his head makes him a distinguishable gentleman. He doesn’t much enjoy being the American symbol for freedom. He just likes eat rodents, build nests and keep it simple.

This one just looks like he knows something about you that he can’t quite reveal. That’s because he’s got a voice that only can be heard underwater.

Finally there’s the most handsome walrus is the world, who likes to work on his love as well as his fitness. I love handsome walrus fitness routines most of all. That’s because I’m bored, CRA and need to get out of the house more than 2x a day.

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