New Moon Magick spells do not have to be “Dark Magick”.  Ancient practitioners used formulas to heighten their ability to connect with the spirits and invoke good works in healing, love, and protection. Their rituals contained all the necessary elements of  potent magick with ethical issues taken into account.  The space for spiritual encounter was and can be sacred and special. Dark Moon magick can be accomplished with symbolic words, actions and meditations created to inspire devotion, love and beneficial outcomes. You can use the dark of the moon even though it is a traditional time to avoid magick workings.

HEALING:  a simple ritual to invoke health, banish illness, and strengthen weakened bodies.

Soak in a warm bath sprinkled with a little Rosemary and Thyme,  add a few drops of cinnamon oil or powder. Let your mind relax so you can gather your inner energies for the task ahead…

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