Blue Moon Manifestation

How will the blue moon affect your sign?

When I was a little girl my favorite band was Sha Na Na who had a particular track, Blue Moon that I would play over and over on my Fischer Price record player. Yes, I’m THAT old:

Anyhow tonight there is indeed a blue moon in the sky – this is 2nd full moon in a month. August 1st was the first, August 31st is the second which makes it even more unique and special.  I’ve shared a little bit about my spirituality on this blog – and fully believe that full moons can help manifest the dreams that live inside our heads. For this particular moon, we move into the astrological sign of Pisces where we may experience more of our emotions. Pisces is water sign and can feel a little unsteady and intense – especially if you have fire in your astrological makeup (like me). I found myself crying at television commercials this morning which is a good indication that I’m PMSing a bit more touchy than usual.

Here’s a little bit more about tonight’s celestial energy from the Moon Manifesting blog.

Pisces also rules the 12th House – The House of Self-Imprisonment. This could be a very interesting time. For those of you who are doing the healing work, it will be a great time of releasing ties to your original wound, old emotions, and self-imposed limitations. Generally Pisces brings an element of elusiveness and secrets. This will be further clouded by Neptune’s presence. Be cautious to make rash decisions, because things may not be as they seem. It’s a great moon to go into the depths of your soul and fish around for emotions fragmentation and spiritual distress that have occurred in this and other lifetimes.

For those who are avoiding healing work, it may be thrust upon you with the Full Moon. Keep in mind when going through transitions, either chosen by you or by others, you’re attitude towards the change determines the outcome. You can choose to go through situations with anger, strife, and stress, or see the opportunity for healing, growth, and gratitude.

During any Full Moon emotions are brought to light by the reflection of the illuminated moon. Using this time to release unresolved emotions is a sure-fire way to enhance your ability to manifest. We are emotional beings and need to learn how to process the “energy in motion” (E-motion) that has become stagnant or stuck in the body. Once the e-motions have been resolved you feel lighter, more energetic, free, and you’re able to hold more light.

Creating a ritual around the Full Moon is a great way to progressively heal. By following the same practice each month, you’ll create a rhythm and flow with the healing process. Here are some suggestions for Full Moon healing:

1) A few days prior to the Full Moon take note of recurring emotions or experiences
2) Identify specific emotions through journaling and introspection
3) Make a list of emotions you want to release
4) Make a list of emotions you want to replace them with
5) Bless the list calling in your Creator, guides, angels, ancestors, and anyone else that is here for your highest healing
6) Create a burning ceremony using the fire to release the emotions into the Universe and replacing them with the new ones
7) See yourself letting go of the emotions that you’re releasing
8) Shift old patterns through affirmations when you catch yourself responding to the patterns
8) Express gratitude for support and validation during your transitions

If you’re curious about how the blue moon will affect your sign, click HERE!

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