In Memoriam.

Even if you were miles away from Ground Zero – you can feel the sadness of today. I started crying at the gym this morning. I didn’t know anyone who died on 9-11 but I know people who knew people. Today we are all one people because everyone, even the presidential candidates, are putting aside their differences to unite in grief. Under any other circumstances – like better circumstances – we could all get along. It seems that since the attacks people have become more inclined to attack one another. If a divide can cease out of respect for the victims, why not continue that respect on more days than just today. That’s the idealist-flower-twirling-hippie in me. I smell the reality of the back-to-normal-tomorrow. It looms like these lights on the horizon. The most important lesson I learned about 9/11 is that all of us lost something that day – and that all of us can find a reason to come together – even if that reason leads us to mourn those who passed.

For a list of the victim’s names click the picture above.

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