Thrift Score!

There comes a time in every thrifter’s life when you find something so outstanding – so unbelievable that you feel the fashion angels themselves bestowing upon you a gift from designer handbag heaven. This week my patron saint of fashion, Mr. Alexander McQueen, sat like a wise owl on my shoulder, guiding me to the Cortez Street Emporium.

Located on Cortez Street, it a store loaded with tasty finds like sheet sets, cowboys boots, Snoopy mugs, records, Playboy magazines and vintage clothing. There among the ten gallon hats and turquoise jewelry display (amazing by the way) a lonely Fendi bag sat waiting for a good home. Indeed the bag had been there so long they had marked it down, twice. I know what you’re thinking: it can’t be real. I thought the same thing until I placed it on hold overnight so I could conduct some research. Here’s what I learned from an article on ehow:

1. Look at the stitching very closely. Stitching in a Fendi bag should be perfectly straight. The stitches should be even and the color of thread should match the material. No stitches should be loose or missing. CHECK.

2. Study the Fendi logo carefully. While knock-offs may also have a very convincing label, a Fendi will be expertly engraved into the leather, not printed on the surface. Run your fingers over the material to feel the imprint of the logo. CHECK.

3. Check the hardware of the handbag for engraving. The hardware should be engraved with the Fendi logo carefully. CHECK.

4. Make sure the hardware has a cover on it. Authentic Fendi bags have a cover over the hardware that is removed upon purchasing. CHECK.

5. Look at the serial number. The serial number should be printed on the leather on the inside of the bag. The serial number should be numbers only and not have any letters included. CHECK.

What was missing was the authenticity card and hologram. The bag is too old for that type of technology to be implanted. Even if its a great copy, I still made out ahead. I paid less than $40. Not too shabby. Let me state for the record that in my meager month spent picking around Prescott’s glen, the thrift store shopping is off the chain. I have never seen so many hand-woven ponchos or native american pottery. There are tons of Wrangler shirts (of course) and plenty of cowboys in them. In fact, I remarked when having brunch at the Lone Spur Cafe, that people from my parts (Northeast) dress like cowboys because they are making a fashion statement. I think it should be required that if you’re from the East but dressed up like you live in the West you must learn how to mount a horse. Properly. Heehee. Couldn’t help myself with that one.

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  1. Golda says:

    WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. …

  2. Step 3: Leather: Carefully check the quality of the leather. The color should be rich and even, without any large blemishes or discolored areas. It should feel smooth and soft, and should bend easily. Uneven color, dark or light spots, rough texture, and stiffness are all tell-tale signs of inferior leather that would not be used in a real Fendi bag.

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