First Day Of Fall In Arizona.

Fall in Prescott, AZ usually starts in late October.

Today is the first day of my favorite season: Fall! Cozy sweaters, Yummy leathers, Pumpkin candles. Only I’m in Arizona and its 85 degrees. Not very fall at all. I’m not complaining as I love warm weather. But my buddies back East keep talking about the cold – and it’s got me missing home. After all, the Northeast is my home of all homes and I’m in the mood for a good apple pick.

Here in Prescott, they have more rodeos than hay rides and that’s perfectly okay with me. You can carve my pumpkin anytime, cowboy – just as long as you take me somewhere haunted this fall. When I was a kid, growing up in New England, there was nothing better than piling into a car to go and visit a haunted place. Of course in Connecticut those kind of places are a dime a dozen.

In Prescott, AZ however only two haunts popped up in my Google box:

Angeline’s Grave: haunted by the ghost of a 3 year-old girl who died (they believe) in 1889 from either pneumonia or the plague. Angeline’s family had made the trip to the Western Frontier in a covered wagon and ended up burying the little girl at the very spot where she died. People claim they have seen Angeline wandering around and weeping for her mother.

The 2nd story involves the Hassayampa Inn, built in 1927 in downtown Prescott where it still stands today – fully functional for your next Quinceanera. It’s rumored haunting comes from a ghost named Faith who hung herself in the bell tower after her much older groom abandoned her on her wedding night. That story makes me want to snap my gum. Faith, honey, if only you lived in our world today – where Sugar Daddies replacements are only a click away. Next time I’m dining at the inn, which is the only place in town where you can wear high heels without getting sideway-hooker-stares, I’ll be sure to share this information with my dead homegirl.

Prescott is a relatively new town – founded in 1864 which is dog year’s away from Salem’s kind of history. Still being that we are in the mountains and on several sacred Indian grounds, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if a ghost or two popped their shrunken heads out of the ground and did a little ooodoo-voodoo on us all.

I love watching haunted videos on YouTube. This one claims to have captured the torso of some unidentified entity which, in my opinion, looks like the two-legged walkers in Star Wars:

Happy Fall!

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