Obama Talks About Human Trafficking:

President Obama spoke out about human trafficking and the ways the US government intends to combat it yesterday at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York. Despite catching heat for showing up on the View instead of at the U.N, Obama presented a clear-cut way his administration intends to stop the plight of human slavery in the United States and abroad:

when “a little girl is sold by her impoverished family — girls my daughters’ age — … and then imprisoned in a brothel or tortured if she resists, that is slavery.”

Looking to expand legal and education services and start treating trafficked individuals  as victims rather than criminals, a 6 million dollar partnership between Humanity United and The Goldman Sachs Foundation was created. The Partnership For Freedom Innovation Awards looks to assist local communities in identifying and treating victims of human trafficking.

Gold star for Obama and GOLD star for Goldman Sachs – who apparently has sold their 16% stake in Village Voice Media, the company that owns Backpage.com. Somebody grew a soul here. Very impressive. Backpage.com is one of the biggest culprits in human trafficking because it allows pimps to take ads out selling their wares-women, many of whom are underage.

I try not to dirty my hands with politics because inevitable someone gets pissed off – so I’ll keep my views half-Switerland with this. I tip my hat to Presidents Clinton and Obama. I’m glad they are recognizing the problem of modern-slavery and doing something about it. After all, when little girls are getting snatched off their front porches and sold to the highest bidder, I want to know what the person running for president intends to do about it. If Romney wants to get on stage and outline his human trafficking initiative, I’d be more than happy to report about it. In the meantime, here’s more of Obama speech made at the Global Initiative:

For ways in which slavery impacts you, click here.

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