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In the last post I discussed how women are being systematically killed all over the world and the negative consequences this has for the health of society. I ended with a question: what does the concept of missing women look like on the ground?

It’s a strange phenomenon that’s actually hard to see. It’s not like there’s an obvious lack of women walking around the villages or households that are devoid of a female presence. If anything, women stand out in rural Rajasthan with their brightly coloured suits, smiling faces and vibrant personalities. I’ve also barely seen the type of overt, often state-sanctioned violence against women that’s common in places like Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Where I am in India, femicide is more hidden behind closed doors and sanitized through sex-selective abortion – killing your daughter before she can smile at you undoubtedly…

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  1. Aneel says:

    Hey Ladytiger. Thanks for reblogging our post! I dig what you got going on on your blog. Cheers,

  2. Satch says:

    Okay I’m codiencvn. Let’s put it to action.

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