Tiger Treats: Clothes Hound

When you’re new to new town there are 3 things that must be done above all else:

1. Find a good hairdresser.

2. Find a good grocery store.

3. Find a place to buy cool clothes.

So far, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. Clothes Hound Clothing Company is my new master jam! Doing time in a wee-mountain town is a shake to the system to say the least. I’m an up-town lady with 5 years of South Beach under my belt. I dress up, not down and lately have been feeling a bit out of place. Don’t get me wrong. I dig a 10-gallon hat from time to time but turquoise is expensive and burlap chaps are not my look. 5 years ago I was wearing spurs, on my high-heels. I don’t recommend that. You buck your shins and giving yourself a gash or 2.

That’s why I’m so happy to have found Clothes Hound! Located on Whiskey Row it’s a boutique that caters to your practical-posh-princess-side as well as your pup. That’s right. Dogs are most welcome. In fact their image covers the walls, the floors and some inconspicuous places like this:

The mission of Clothes Hound is to offer comfortable, fashionable quality pieces that last. They certainly back that claim in spades. The style of the store is cosy and down to earth with pieces that you can easily mix into any wardrobe. They have sweaters, shoes, amazing boots, coats, jackets and everything one would need to have themselves a fantastic fall. I’m particularly in love with their jewelry selection which is made by local artisans across the country. Check out the black and gold ditty to the left:

Candy, who owns the store and Gita, who’s her right hand, are very helpful, fun and informative, not only about fashion, but where a Lady can get a proper hair cut. Small town or not, I’m not sacrificing the freshness of my weave to mountain air. A good bang cut is as hard to find as a good boutique. Lucky for me, I’ve got both. Thank you Clothes Hound. Click here or below to like their Facebook page.

PS: If anyone wants to be my best friend, buy me those Nuk-Nuk boots. Hey! You can take the hustler out of hustle but you can never prevent the hustler from running her game, especially when it comes to shoes.

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1 Response to Tiger Treats: Clothes Hound

  1. Hop Sing says:

    Adorable! Amy you are soooo cute!

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