Halloween Costume Suggestions: Afro Ladies

I’ve been getting dirt-dog-deep these days talking about political ho-has, borderland violations and saving the whales (and women of the world). Well today I’m shifting gears. It’s almost Halloween and nothing bends my mind in a more lax direction than thinking about costumes. This week’s: put on your disco playlist and get ready to get-on-down because the afro ladies are coming to town.

Since I was a wee-lad I’ve had an obsession with afros. I can remember hanging Roberta Flack’s record on my wall and collecting afro combs when I was 14. I bought 15 copies of Digable Planet’s Blow Out Comb – which if you’re not familiar with – should be immediately downloaded from iTunes. Here’s 1 reason why:

In addition, there was the De La Soul’s song “Afros:”

My Halloween costume this year will indeed contain an afro wig because I’m going as Foxy Brown-you-dig. Not the rapper. But the best body back in the day, Pam Grier:

I’m going to use that toy gun as a date-getter by stashing it in my afro wig and then asking presentable gentleman to shake me down and shoot, ahem. I understand that slut is inserted before any respectable profession and made into a costume these days (i.e. slutty-nurse, slutty policeman, slutty popper scooper) so I’m doing the same thing but leaving the slut out of this equation. After all, I’m a lady. I’m not slutty. I’m just lucky.

Here are some more afrolicious examples that may spark your imagination this Halloween:

Angela Davis

Diana Ross

Diana Ross is another word for amazing!

This is album that hung on my wall and started my whole afro obsession.

She’s giving you afro with eye makeup lessons from Stanley Kubrick.

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