Flashback Outfit: Serial Killer Smurf

I thought I would switch gears today and try to put a smile on your face. It’s been a heavy week – and while I have no intention of forgetting what happening – I’m going to try to keep this blog updated as much as I can. So today, seeing that Halloween is fast approaching, I dug up an oldie but goodie Flashback Outfit: Me as Smurfette in 1980.

This photo is giving creepy vibe with disco shoes. Look at that mask. I may rob a bank; I may take all your Halloween candy; I may star in my own horror movie. I look like the kind of kid who will brandish a weapon at any second. This photo was taken at my grandparent’s house. They had that kind of house where plastic covered all the furniture – including the lamp shades. You can make farting-squeeky-noises on the chairs all night long; or if you were like me, use the plastic as traction when you’re about to do a drop-kick off the sofa into your cousin’s face.

Indeed my little-shit-ness shows. Don’t let those cute shoes fool you. I loved Smurfette. She was the only female smurf surrounded by constant male attention. Paint me blue and send me off to that land. Dating is hard enough – for Smurfette all she had to do was her weave in the morning. It was that easy.

You wouldn’t want to light a match near that costume. Back then, things were both flammable and made with lead. That’s why my generation be CRA. We sent to much time inhaling the fumes behind those masks. Remember how small the little slit in the mouth was? I used to blow spit bubbles thought that opening. Gosh! I was such a LIM (lady in the making).

Now, let’s all transport ourselves back in time and learn more about Papa Smurf’s “Magical Powder.”

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