Jobby-Jobs and Ch-ch-Changes.

You can be cracked one year. Then standing tall the next. Life, like nature is nothing but change.

The Lady has gotten herself a shiny new jobby-job. What a relief. I’ve been taking time off to tend to my writer’s block. Bloggy-blogs, like jobby-jobs can be difficult to maintain. You have to constantly pull fresh content out of stale hats. Not to say my hats are stale. Far from. In fact, I’m pretty content with my current existence.

It’s amazing to me. A year ago I was in a really rough place. Like roughy-rough (okay, I’ll stop). I had lost my apartment, job, friends and sense of self. It sounds so deep when you put it on paper. It really wasn’t. Consider the two super-shit-storms on the East Coast and you can’t help but be grateful. You can’t help but be sad too. It seems like change upon change upon change is upon us. I don’t know if this is what the Mayan calendar-doom’s day prediction looks like – but 2012 is certainly living up to its looming shadow.

And yet, here I am with my doomsday-year behind me. It’s unbelievable how tides turn and flip. I can’t even begin to offer any type of advice or consultation regarding how I got here. I just did. You just do. You move forward until you look up and see a different perspective. If that perspective matches the view inside your head – even better. That’s when you know your manifestation juices are flowing. Mine certainly propelled me here. When I was in “it” as they say, I would tell myself that in one year – things would be better. In one year – things would change. I don’t think I’d be alive today if it weren’t for the simple meditative knowing that my future tomorrow was going to be better than my current day.  This created something to look forward too – and in my opinion, when you can look forward you can move forward.

Recently I was listening to Stevie Wonder’s AMAZING song Living For The City. In it song he comments on how finding a job is like a haystack needle. Of course finding a job as an African-American in the 1970’s when that song was written is a heck of lot different than finding a job as a white girl in Prescott, AZ. But I can relate. Haystack needle jobs are all that’s out there today. You’ve got keep looking until your eyeballs fall out and when they do, you pop them back in and start over again. With my new job I’m working 4 days a week which is great because I want to continue writing Doug-E-Fresh articles for you and your friends. Today’s article is totally off the top of my well-conditioned noggin. I say that with pride because if you met my brain a year ago you would have compared it to 3 day old lumpy oatmeal. Change does bring improvement. Speaking of, make sure you spare some to the Hurricane Sandy relief fund.

And now a little soul-brother reelection-celebration.

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