Lady Tiger’s Rules of Engagement: The Others

Tip: Contact with a favored gentleman should cease immediately when a lady discovers the existence of another.

I’m coming up with tips since I’m running out of ideas. Plus I found this great book called, “It’s Hard To Be Hip After 30.”Even though I beg to differ with the title, I love the illustrations – so much so that I scanned them, cropped them and made up rules to go along with the pictures. Remedial however, a gal’s got to get inspiration from somewhere. Plus it will give me a platform to air out all my dirty, male laundry. Since I’ve dated a lot of men from many different parts of Latin America the world; I’ve learned a thing or two about a thing or two.

It is my experience that when you are seeing a man you like and find out about another woman, don’t go after the woman, seek your own solitude and get away from that man. One woman always leads to another. Juggling is an act of the circus – not the bedroom although juggling naked while in the bedroom is a great way to make things delicious between you and another – but that’s a tip for a different time.

It’s hard to walk away from a hot lay. I will admit, there are times I cry harder over the loss of a good penis than the man attached to it. However, if I’m seeing someone and hear about his involvement with another, I lose interest immediately. No one should have to compete for affection – especially for the affection of a person who doesn’t have the calzones to be honest. Stay true to yourself – go out and get some gay-boyfriends. Let me tell you. Nothing heals a broken heart more than a Friday-night-fist-pump at the boy’s club to this:

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1 Response to Lady Tiger’s Rules of Engagement: The Others

  1. Heather says:

    You are hilarious and I miss you. Fantastic post! Work girl!

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