Flashback Outfit: Having A KiKi

And too may cocktails honey.

This picture was taken 10 years ago when I was running a modeling agency in Boston. I thought that snazzy title gave me license to act like a drag queen. I used words like girl, work and fierce every chance I got. My ego was high and my self-esteem low. The perfect combination for anyone looking to work in fashion. I will give myself props this time. Out of all my flashback outfits, I like this one the best. The top was actually a scarf. I was able to triangle-tie it around my neck and waist. This gave it a loose and breezy look. I rocked the scarf-as-a-top-look a lot back in those days. Ladies I encourage you to try it while you’re boobs are young and still high.

Speaking of high, who doesn’t love giving good drinky-eye to the camera? You have to laugh at pictures of yourself fucked up otherwise you’re still an active alcoholic. I will say those were the days when Tina was in charge and KiKi’s were had 7 nights a week. I used to sleep in my office, returning home once a week to fetch a new set of clothes. This was the beginning of my many mistakes, mishaps, side-steps, wrong turns and Dark Side adventures. Hey. At least I know how to pose my way through crises. It’s always sunny before the fall, kids. Shiny clothes now. No teeth later. Keep that in mind before you hit the dance floor with too many disco balls in your mouth or up your nose.

Speaking of balls, kidding. Here’s a step-by-step guide for turning your scarf into a top by some girl in fashion without a pulse. Enjoy!

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