Tiger Treats: Espiritútara


Tis the season to shop and support local artisans from around the globe! That’s what we like to do here at Lady Tiger. Today’s artist is from Miami. I was poking around on Facebook when I spotted a few of her designs. I have such a penchant from woven, bold, colorful pieces. Such as:


Espiritútara is certainly a name that you will know sooner rather than later. A stylist, personal shopper, image consultant and jewelry designer, Tara Sokolow, the woman behind the line infuses her travels, personality and love of meditation in all her designs.


Espiritútara has been featured on Fashion TV, Refinery 29 and is currently behind sold at the Miami Art Museum. For those of you looking to break into the fashion business, Tara and Espiritútara show us how it’s done. To order one of these looks for yourself, click the picture below.


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