Rebroadcast: Kimberly Dalton Designs


Kim’s paw print bracelet goes to help animals in need.

I know Christmas and it’s holiday-shakes may be shaking up your schedule. That’s why I’m rebroadcasting some of my favorite Tiger Treats. If you’re going to buy gifts, why not support a good cause and a local business all at one time!

Kimberly Dalton Designs has been making handcrafted jewelry since 2000 – but owner, Kimberly Dalton goes a step behind her designs to help rescue animals in need. Every paw print bracelet bought donates $2 to the Homeless Animal Lifeline (HAL) a nonprofit organization out of New Jersey which looks to educate individuals about how to compassionately deal with animals.

HAL provides support and resources regarding a variety of animal-related issues including the importance of spay and neuter, animal abuse prevention, cruelty-free living, Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) for feral cats, wildlife protection, and more. Their website, The Animal Spirit is a free online resource for animal advocates. Kim’s good friend volunteers there and got her interested in the cause – but helping animals was something Kim did every since she was a little girl when she found a stray kitten in a trash can. So far, her paw print bracelets have raised over $75 for the organization. You can see why! They are an adorable gift that gives back to a great cause.

Click picture to order.

In addition, Kimberly also donates proceeds from her jewelry to two cancer awareness programs: The Susan G. Komen Fund – which raises money for breast cancer; and the Jessie Ress Foundation, a pediatric cancer organization named after Jessie Ress, a little girl who sadly lost her battle to the disease in January 2012. Kim says she was personally touched by Jessie’s bravery and positive attitude throughout her sickness and has raised over $30 from her KDD collection:

I have to say I admire Kim so much – both for her craftsmanship (the bracelets are beautifully designed and handmade) as well as her generosity. You really get much more than you pay for. I won’t stand on a soapbox and start preaching about how these bracelets are 1000 times better than the cheap ones you buy at Walmart but they are. Did I also mention that Kim has an entire Etsy store filled with amazing pieces like this. If you are looking for something special with meaning this holiday, be sure to check out her site:


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