It’s Been Hectic.

Under this pile is where I'm living.

Under this pile is where I’m living.

Let me tell you. Life is curve-ball-jelly-roll sandwich and I got stuck right in the middle of its creamy-ass center. Keeping with the tradition of breaking my new year’s resolution in less than 12 days, I have once again neglected writing on this blog. What is so difficult about jotting down a thought or two during the day? I have 15,000,000 thoughts ping-ponging in my head on a daily basis and not an ounce of calm-down to sit at a computer and write. Yeah. Blame it on my ADD. Excuses only get you so far.

So far, I’ve been spending time sharpening my instinct. I think it’s important for all of us to share a little tete-a-tete with our inner voice from time to time. Lately mine has been on overdrive. I find myself occupied with my own head instead of keeping my eyes on the road. I live under a mountainous rock. I have no idea what’s happening on the outside world – which in turn makes me think I really have nothing interesting to say or share. I’m just being. There’s no style-tip with being – blogs are built on do-it-your-selfing. The only doing I’m digging is deciding whether or not to purchase another round of DJ equipment. That’s about it. Oh and I have a new favorite song that was released in 2012 instead of 1976. Progress not perfection, right.

I would tell you the adventure of how I broke into a friend’s hotel room and saved him from a diabetic coma because I had some Oodo-voodoo feeling, but you’d never believed me – even though it happened – last week. I learned a thing or two from that experience. Always listen to your gut because it takes more than a week eating Activia to do the trick. Maybe all those months spent in virtual hiding sitting on a meditation pillow worked. Or maybe and more likely, I’m just bat-shit CRA.

Anyway. Michelle Obama apparently got a haircut:


Reminds me of a certain-namesake-someone:

She’s on fire.

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