Thrift Score!


It’s Grover Washington Jr yawl! Straight outta the pool and ready to blow a chlorine luggie in your direction. Yes indeedy. If you see this in the $0.99 bin of your local Goodwill, pick it up. Check it out. You’ll instantly be transported pool-side – because this Grover knows how to trim his beard and wear a gold chain right. The spittle of water off the chin is such a nice touch too. In fact I would touch this man – all the while reenacting my own action-porn flick because that’s exactly the kind of music made on Mister Magic. Um. Can we talk about that title? Mister Magic what? What kind of magic are we talking about here? Disneyland? Pixie-finger-dust? No matter. All I know is that you need to click on down to the video right here – because you will feel yourself transported to the sunnier days of 1975 when this album came on out, baby.

Hit it and prepare yourself for a long intro. Back in those days folks didn’t have as much ADHD as we do today. Brothers and sisters in music could take their time. Plan a 45 minute intro. Layer on rhythm like butter, you dig.

Here’s a little slide-your-front-seat-down-and-ride kind of track:


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