My New Master Jam!



Do you have a master jam? Like a jimmy-jam song that gets stuck in your head you wake up in the morning and start singing it in the shower? Of course you do! We all do. At least all of us who have ears. Songs get stuck in your head because they can – because they’re made that way – and because music producers need to lace their pockets with more cash, yo.

Neveryoumind, I can’t believe with all my thrift-scoring I didn’t stumble upon this song sooner. Chalk it up to living under a rock I suppose. Thrift Shop is such a refreshing breeze through the stale halls of hip-hop. Is it me or are you tired of bitches, hoes, labels and cars too? Get a new topic, people. Of course Jay-Z is always Dougefresh, but the rest, or the most of what I hear in hip-hop today makes me yearn for the days of old: cheeky-rhymns, on-message empowerment and get-on-down-samples from the great soul-artisits of old. If we keep looking to the past – and complaining about the present – then I’m happy to say that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are doing something about it.

I also want to add that thrift shopping is and always has been the best way to stay on top of style. Designers I know buy from vintage vendors I know because original thoughts are too risky. Borrowing from the past to make up the future is a lot cheaper when you have 1970’s pattern to pull from. Recycling is hip after all so why not make polyester tunic cotton? More breathable around a match, right? AND! may I just say that it’s not where you buy your clothes, or how much you pay for your clothes it’s simply how you ROCK your clothes which determines your swag and style.


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