A 29 Cent Thrift Score!


In today’s market, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything that costs less than a $1. That’s why stores like Dolla-Tree, Dolla-General and 1 Dolla-Make-You-Holla-Fool are so successful. People like to find things that cost nothing. That’s why I dig Stepping Stones Thrift Store and it’s 29-cent rack. Yes. A whole rack of clothing that costs less an egg-shaped container of pink slime you buy on the way out of the grocery store. These coin-operated candy/sticker/crap machines also sell kitty-punk-rock-glitter stickers, Justin Bieber tattoos and plastic-ghetto-gold-jewelries. All the aforementioned goods will set you back at least 2 quarters – and I’ll bet my bottom-dolla that none of them will be as dope as this ship’s ahoy.


Stepping Stones is a marvelous organization. It supports battered women and their children, helping them escape from abusive relationships and get back on their feet. Come to think of it, my cheap ass should have spent a lot more than 29 cent to support that cause. I guess that goes to show that a hustler is a hustler not a charity-case, mien heir.

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