Celebrate your Singleness this Valentine’s Day!

img_1662Because I’m feeling uncreative today, I dug this article up from the vault. Hope you find it to be a good read. I wrote it two years ago – back when I was a still a swinging single lady. I’m still a single lady at heart. In fact, having just started a new relationship, I often ask myself if having a significant other is truly what I want. After all, not having to answer to anyone at anytime really ices my Valentine’s cupcake. It seems when I found peace in being single that I began a relationship? I guess that’s what the experts in relationships say. Desperation is the kill-switch to any aphrodisiac.

Drop that negative puss face, put down the Ben & Jerry’s and smile at your single life. It’s not that bad. Loving yourself means more than loving a man who is unavailable, unappreciative, manipulative or just plain mean. Same thing goes for men. We shouldn’t have to stay in something that makes us feel bad or incomplete. That’s not what love was invented for.

Gluing yourself to someone out of fear of being alone can only patch up the hole in your heart for so long. Sometimes (and I’m guilty of this plenty) we seek out incompleteness in someone else because we ourselves feel incomplete. We look for emptiness in other people because we haven’t found anything in our life to fill us up. Remember the holes inside our soul can be filled with many things. Why not choose the right things. Including the intention to love and be loved.

Even if you don’t have anyone to share this holiday with, you still have yourself. Remember that love is the mightiest of all emotions. The one with the most power to bring you the things you want in this world. Love can shape, bend and transform itself again and again and again. Love can heal, break through and tear down – as well as tear apart. It all depends on how you use it. But like a Boomerang, what you throw comes back so make sure you get a good swing before you start.

Singleness is oneness. Oneness is whole. Why not celebrate the fact that you are a complete person this Valentine’s Day rather than ruminate about lost loves and past hurts? That will only bring you more of the same. Instead of looking at yourself as alone – look at yourself as surrounded by possibility. Wish those that harmed you all the best and stay open to new opportunities. They will come. Remember if you have an apple and cut it in half, you get a fruit that’s incomplete. However if you have an apple and someone else brings an orange to the table, then you have fruit to share.

Lots of Love to you this Valentine’s Day!

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